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Bill C-21 News

24 Nov 2022 20:55 | Anonymous

The Liberal government has introduced an amendment to Bill C-21 which will ban a significant number of common semi-automatic firearms in Canada, such as:

  • M1 Garand
  • SKS and variants
  • Ruger PC Carbine
  • All B&T Models
  • AR180 variants, including the WK-180, WS-MCR, and similar
  • GSG-16
  • Numerous Shotguns

The CCFR has published the proposed amendment, including the updated list of prohibited firearms.

The CDTSA board strongly recommends that you understand the impact of this proposal.  If this legislation passes, it will severely impact the future of shooting sports in Canada.

What can we do?

The CCFR is currently recommending a letter writing campaign.  Please check their website for details.

Additionally, check CDTSA News where we will provide further updates as information becomes available to us.

Nov 25 Update:

The Government of Alberta has released a statement on the proposed expansion of the firearms ban in Bill C-21.

Nov 28 Update:

Calibre Magazine has provided a set of form letters.

Dec 15 Update:

The Alberta Government will be changing the protocol that crown prosecutors use when determining whether or not they will proceed with charges related the possession of firearms made prohibited in the May 1, 2020 OIC.

Minister Shandro has also stated that if Bill C-21 becomes law, the protocol could be expanded to cover those firearms as well.



Jan 10 Update:

It appears that the confiscation program will be starting in PEI.  The Trudeau government wanted to start taking firearms in December, but seems to be having trouble finding anyone to administer the program.


Jan 11 Update:

The Liberals are now claiming that there won't be a pilot for the confiscation program in PEI.


Jan 26 Update:

The CCFR has launched scrapc21.ca to fight C-21.  Please visit this site and participate in the fight against Bill C-21.

Feb 3 Update:

The Liberal government has withdrawn amendments G4 and G46.  While this is generally a good thing, the fight is still far from over.  The handgun freeze is still in effect and there's no reason to believe the Liberals won't try to replace G4 and/or G46 with something else.


May 1 Update:

The Liberal government has promised new amendments to C-21.  These amendments will likely be tabled during tomorrow's SECU meeting.

May 2 Update:

The government has begun tabling their amendments to the SECU committee.

May 6 Update:

The Liberals have given notice of a C-21 motion they will may on Monday morning.  They are expanding the scope of C-21, and also introduce time allocation for the bill.


If this passes, C-21 will leave the committee by the end of the week.

Email your MPs.  Email the SECU committee members to register your disapproval of both the bill and this motion.


May 9 Update:

The Liberal-NDP coalition has invoked closure on the debate of C-21.  There are only two more meetings left before the bill leaves the SECU committee and goes to the senate.

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