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Calgary and District Target Shooters Association

Milo and Shepard Ranges                                                                                                        


Event Contact

For all inquiries regarding Steel Challenge events, please contact the Pistol Director.

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This YouTube video does an excellent job of explaining the overall concept of Steel Challenge.


The matches hosted by CDTSA and commonly referred to as "Steel Challenge" are "outlaw" matches not officially sanctioned by the Steel Challenge Shooting Association, and not bound by their rules.  We will follow their rules for the most part with a few changes. This is a for-fun match.

Courses of fire require hits on 5 steel targets including a "stop" plate which ends the course of fire. You will shoot multiple passes on a stage. Your score is based on time to complete the stage plus any penalties. Penalties are 3 seconds for a missed target. The shooter may take as many shots as required to hit a target, but you may not go back to hit a missed target after the stop plate has been hit. Most Steel Challenge courses of fire require little or no movement.

The CDTSA will hold two types of matches. One will be a one stage weekly event held at the Shepard range. The other will be a 8 stage match held at the Milo range.

Shepard Weekly Match

The Shepard matches start in April and end in September. They are on every Thursday starting at 4:00 pm, weather permitting. One of the 8 Steel Challenge Shooting Association stages, or a random stage, will be set up. Shooters can compete in a maximum of two divisions. Ten strings of 5 rounds are shot per division. The ten strings will be shot in 2 separate attempts of 5 strings each. Fifty (50) rounds is a perfect round count per division, however, you should expect to shoot more than this.

Milo 8-Stage Match

A few large matches will be scheduled at Milo. Set up and Registration will start at 9:00 am with shooting commencing at 10:00 am. Four stages will be set up in separate bays. Once everyone has completed the first four stages we will stop for a lunch break. After the break we will set up the final 4 stage and finish the match. The 8 stage set up will be the common steel challenge match stages or random ones. They may be modified to fit in the bays as needed. 5 strings are shot per stage. Perfect round count is 195 rounds per gun so bring lots of extra ammunition. The match should be finished around 2-3 pm. Shooters can compete in a maximum of 2 divisions. When travelling to the Milo range please use Range Road 223 and not Range Road 224 to accesses the range.


O - Open

All legal centerfire firearms are allowed.  Optics and compensators are specifically allowed.

REV - Revolver

Any centerfire revolver.

SEMI - Semi Auto Centerfire

Any centerfire semi-auto centerfire pistol without optics or compensators.

RFPI - Rimfire Pistol Iron Sights

Any iron-sighted rimfire pistols without optic sights.  Fiber-optic sight inserts are specifically allowed.

RFPO - Rimfire Pistol Optic Sights

Any rimfire pistols with optic sights.

RFRI - Rimfire Rifle Iron Sights

Any iron-sighted rimfire rifle without optic sights.  Fiber-optic sight inserts are specifically allowed.

RFRO - Rimfire Rifle Optic Sights

Any rimfire rifle with optic sights.


Centerfire pistols require a strong side holster. Rimfire pistols must be bagged or holstered when not on the firing line. Rimfire rifles must be bagged when not on the firing line. Rimfire is .22 LR only. No .17 or .22 magnum calibre guns allowed. No magnum velocity centerfire guns allowed.  Steel core/steel jacketed ammunition is prohibited.  It is recommended to have a minimum of 5 magazines or reloading devices.

Start Position

Centerfire pistols must draw from a holster, starting in the "surrender position". We require you to have taken a holster course to draw from a holster. We accept other club's holster certifications, as well as Black Badge. If you do not have a holster course, you will be asked to start from the low ready. Rimfire pistols and rifles start pointing at the start object (orange traffic pylon) 10ft in front of the shooting box with finger outside the trigger guard.


The Milo range is far enough from the nearest town that you cannot run off to get lunch, water, sunscreen, etc during the match. This is an outdoor event. Sometimes it's hot, sometimes it's cold, sometimes it's windy, sometimes it's muddy. Carts or wagons are a recommended way to transport your gear and supplies from range to range. Our range is built on a 1/4 section, so there's some walking involved when going from stage to stage.  Bring lunch, water, sunscreen, bug spray, a hat, sunglasses, etc.

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