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Calgary and District Target Shooters Association

Milo and Shepard Ranges                                                                                                        

Calgary and district target Shooters Association BYLAWS


  1. Conditions of Membership:
    1. An application for membership in the Calgary and District Target Shooters Association (“CDTSA or Association”) shall be made in writing to the Executive along with the appropriate fee.
    2. The membership to be approved or rejected by the Executive.

    3. Upon payment of the annual membership fee, the applicant shall become a member of the Association. Membership shall run from the date of payment until December 31 of that year.

    4. All memberships expire on December 31 of each year. A member may resign membership at anytime, however, no part of the membership fee is refundable.

    5. Association memberships shall include non-voting junior memberships which will apply to applicants under the age of 18 and who are related to an adult member.

    6. All new members accepted into membership shall be on a six month probation, and are required to attend an on-site Range Orientation before using the Range.

    7. Honorary members may be voted on at the Annual General Meeting on proposal by the Executive. Honorary members may be persons who have merited this honor through their efforts for the club or for the shooting sports in general. Honorary members pay no dues.

    8. Memberships are not transferable and are non-refundable.

    9. The Executive may restrict the number of new members which may be accepted in any given year with the approval of the general membership.

  2. Members are Eligible to:

    1. Compete in any competition sponsored by the CDTSA.
    2. Shoot as a team member in any league sponsored by CDTSA.
    3. Vote at the Annual General Meeting of the Association (except Junior members who are not entitled to vote).

    4. Hold office or position of responsibility.

    5. Pursue enjoyment of the shooting sports at CDTSA facilities in accordance with the Association’s Range Rules and applicable laws.

    6. Bring guests to the Range under regulations of the Association.

  3. Members are Responsible to:
    1. Make safety the number one priority while at any CDTSA Range Facility.

    2. Abide by all rules and regulations as set forth by the Association.

    3. Assume the responsibility of Range Officer while at the Range.

    4. Remove their targets after they are finished shooting.

    5. Assist in keeping the Range clean by placing all garbage in the containers provided.

  4. Cancellation of Memberships:
    1. The Executive has the right to cancel the membership of any member for any action deemed by the Executive to be detrimental to the Association, its officers or other members of the Association.

    2. A notice of hearing shall be given to any member facing such cancellation who may then appear and make representations to the Executive at the hearing.

    3. The Executive will choose at random 5 members of the general membership to which to delegate its duties relating to membership cancellation.

    4. A cancellation of membership will be confirmed in writing to the former member with a copy sent to the Chief Firearms Officer.


  1. There shall be a President, Vice-president, Recording Secretary and Treasurer who shall hold their respective offices until the conclusion of the next Annual General Meeting of the Association or until their successors are appointed. A person ceases to be an Officer of the Association if he/she ceases to be a member of the Executive. Where a person ceases to be an Officer of the Association, the Executive shall designate from its members a person to fill that office for the remainder of the term.

  2. A person may simultaneously hold no more than two (2) positions, of which no two shall include President, Vice–President or Treasurer.

  3. In cases where an Executive member holds more than one position, the member will be allowed only one vote.

  4. These Officers shall meet at least quarterly or when necessary by the call of the President to carry out the business of the Association.

  5. These Officers shall constitute the Executive Committee.

The Executive

  1. The Executive shall consist of the Executive Committee, the elected Directors and Members at Large.

  2. Any candidate for the Executive must be a member in good standing, must be eighteen (18) years of age or older, and must have been a member of the Association for a minimum of six (6) months.

Powers Of the Executive

  1. The Executive may meet together for the conduct of business, adjourn and otherwise regulate its meetings as it deems fit. It shall meet when any member of the Executive gives to the other members of the Executive not less than five (5) days’ notice of a meeting proposed by him / her, specifying the reason for calling the meeting. The Executive shall meet at the call of the President on such notice as he/she may specify without the necessity of the President giving reasons for the calling of the meeting.

  2. At an Executive meeting two-thirds (2/3) of the Executive shall constitute a quorum.

  3. The Executive may appoint or employ for and on behalf of the Association such agents, contractors or employees as it thinks fit in connection with the control, management and administration of the Association.

  4. The Executive shall have the management of the income and the funds of the Association, rendering an account at the Annual General Meeting, such an account having been previously audited by 2 persons not a member of the Executive; or an accounting firm. The Executive shall have the entire management and superintendence of all affairs of the Association, and shall or may do all such acts and or deeds as shall appear necessary or essential for the purpose of carrying into effect the objectives of the Association.

  5. The Executive may from time to time make such rules and policies for its own guidance as may be deemed necessary.

  6. The Executive shall have the power to change the regulations and conditions of the matches from year to year.

  7. The Executive shall review and set all membership fees, and conditions of application not to change plus or minus 25% without general membership approval.

  8. The Executive shall have the power to fill any vacancy occasioned by death or resignation of their number from among the members of the Association.

  9. Prior to the Annual General Meeting the Executive shall draw up a list of proposed Officers for nomination at the Annual General Meeting and such other business as the occasion may demand.

  10. The Executive shall keep all member information in strict confidence in accordance with applicable privacy protection laws unless otherwise required by law or deemed necessary and approved by a majority Executive vote for release only with receipt of a formal written request from a lawful authority.

Signing Authorities

  1. Two signatories are required on any document binding the Association, such signatories to be the President and one of the Vice-president or Secretary.

Duties of the Officers

  1. President
    1. The President shall be the Chairman of the Executive.

    2. Preside at Meetings.

    3. Preserve order and enforce By-laws.

    4. To see that all Officers, Directors, Members at Large perform their respective duties.

    5. Fill vacancies on committees where elections are not provided for.

    6. Sign all cheques, drafts, contracts and other documents binding the Association.

    7. Perform other duties as the By-laws of the Association may require.

    8. Call all regular meetings.

    9. The President shall announce the results of all votes; and shall have the power to call Special Meetings when requested in writing by the Executive or by one third (1/3) of the members of the Association.

  2. Vice-President
    1. In the absence of the President, to preside over all meetings, and to render such assistance as may be required.

    2. In the case of vacancy in the office of the President, to act as President until the Association elects a President to fill the vacancy.

  3. Secretary
    1. Keep an accurate account of the proceedings of all meetings.

    2. Record all motions, with the mover’s and seconder’s names, in the record or minute book of the Association.

    3. Record all alterations in the Rules and Policies by motion or amendment.

    4. Fill other secretarial duties as directed by the President.

    5. File a copy of all letters sent out and keep on file all communications and correspondence.

    6. Maintain custody of the Corporate Seal.

    7. Preside over meetings in the absence of both the President and Vice President.

    8. Maintain an accurate list of all of the Associations members.

  4. Treasurer
    1. Receive all monies.

    2. Keep a record of each member’s payments.

    3. Deposit promptly all monies received in the name of the Association Bank, Credit Union, or Treasury Branch and receive a receipt for same.

    4. All transactions shall be recorded in a manner acceptable to the Executive and all such records shall be open for inspection by the auditors of the Executive on reasonable notice.

    5. Maintain and report the Financial Statements of the Association to the membership at all Annual General Meetings.

Elected Members of the Executive

  1. There shall be one Director for each active shooting discipline, as determined by the Executive.
  2. Duties of the Directors include:
    1. To promote, plan, organize, and generally supervise and give service to their particular shooting discipline; and to make recommendations to the Executive for the furthering of interest in that type of shooting in the CDTSA.
    2. To draw up for approval of the Executive Committee and the Executive as a whole, conditions of the various matches and prize lists for their discipline in the Annual CDTSA Meets.
    3. Each director is responsible for the conducting, organizing and supervision of their particular events.
    4. Collect all monies from competitors and give those monies to the Treasurer for deposit in the Associations bank account.

    5. Ensure that proper sign in procedures at matches are followed, and to keep accurate records of same.

    6. Ensure that scores are recorded when necessary.

    7. Each director is responsible for soliciting special contributions for matches which are the responsibility of their discipline.

    8. Award prizes for their particular shooting discipline at the Annual Awards Presentation if required.

  3. There shall also be a Director who is the Range Master and who is responsible to oversee the safety, maintenance of the range(s), and general enforcement of the rules.
  4. Members at Large
    1. Up to three (3) Members at Large may be elected if required.
    2. These members are to help the members of the Executive on any committee, job or special projects whether included or described in the preceding job descriptions.

Payment of Officers, Directors, and Members at Large

  1. No Officer, Director, or Member at Large of the Association is due payment of any monies from the Association. These positions are served on a volunteer basis only. Officers, Directors, and Members at Large may be reimbursed for reasonable expenses incurred during the course of performing their duties on behalf of the Association. Any or all reimbursements to be paid must be approved by the Executive.

Removal of Directors

  1. Any Officer, Director, or Member at Large, not fulfilling the responsibilities of their position may be removed by a vote of the Executive. A substitute will be appointed by the Executive to complete the term of the removed Director, Officer or Member at Large until the Annual General Meeting when a new elected Officer will fill the position.
  2. An Officer, Director, or Member at Large is deemed to be not fulfilling the responsibilities of their appointed position if he or she:
    1. Is absent from two (2) consecutive duly called meetings without being excused by the President; or
    2. Is convicted of an indictable offence; or
    3. Commences any legal proceedings against the Executive or the Association.

Term of Office and Retirement from the Executive

  1. Executive members shall be elected at each Annual General Meeting of the Association for a one (1) year term except that the Treasurer and Secretary may be appointed by the remainder of the Executive during the Annual General Meeting or as soon thereafter as practical.

  2. Members of the Executive shall be eligible for re-election.


  1. In addition to the proposed slate of Officers nominated by the Executive for election at the Annual General Meeting, additional nominations may be made by any member in good standing from the floor at the Annual General Meeting.


  1. There shall be an auditor appointed by the Executive who shall not be a member of the Executive Committee.
  2. The books and records of the Association may be inspected by any member at the Annual General Meeting or at any time upon giving reasonable notice in writing and arranging a time satisfactory to the Officer or offices having charge of same. Each member of the Executive shall at all times have access to such books and records.

Annual General Meetings

  1. The Association shall hold its regular Annual General Meetings on the last Sunday in January of each year, for the election of Officers, Directors and Members at Large and for the purpose of adopting reports and the transaction of such other business as may be properly brought before it.

  2. All members shall receive a notice in writing stating the time, place and date of the Annual General Meeting which shall be by written notice placed in a conspicuous place or letter to the last known address of each member, mailed or posted at least twenty-one (21) days prior to the date of the meeting.
  3. At any Annual General Meeting, forty (40) members entitled to vote shall constitute a quorum. If quorum is not present at the appointed time of the meeting, the President may adjourn the meeting for one hour or less, and not more than twice, in order to allow a quorum to form.

  4. Order of Business:

    1. Call to Order
    2. Reading and approval of minutes
    3. Reports from the Officers

    4. Reports from the Directors

    5. Unfinished business

    6. New business

    7. Election of Executive

    8. Adjournment

  5. The Association's financial year shall terminate on the 31st day of December each year.
  6. Only members, who have paid their membership fee for the previous year prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting, shall be entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting.
  7. Voting by proxy is not permitted.
  8. A Special General Meeting shall be called by the President or Secretary upon receipt by him / her of a petition signed by 20% of the members in good standing or by the Executive Committee setting forth the reasons for calling such a meeting, which shall be by letter to the last known address of each member, mailed at least twenty–one (21) days prior to the date of the meeting.
  9. Only members, who have paid their membership fee for the previous year prior to the date of any Special General Meeting, shall be entitled to vote at the Special General Meeting.

Amendment of Bylaws

  1. No alteration, amendment or addition to the By-laws shall be made except by a Special Resolution passed by a majority of not less than three-fourths of such members entitled to vote as are present in person, at an Annual Meeting or some adjournment thereof. No Resolution shall be proposed unless a notice in writing giving the terms of the Resolution, signed by two (2) members as mover and seconder, shall be given to the Recording Secretary or the President one (1) month prior to the Annual Meeting at which same is to be proposed. The Recording Secretary shall notify all members of the proposed alteration or amendment which shall be by letter to the last known address of each member, mailed at least twenty-one (21) days prior to the date of the meeting.
  2. The By-laws, having been duly ratified and accepted by the members at the Annual General Meeting shall become effective on that date and shall be binding upon all members.

Borrowing Powers

  1. For the purpose of carrying out its objectives, The Association may borrow or raise or secure the payment of money in such manner as it see fit, and in particular by the issue of debentures, but this power shall be exercised only under the authority of the Association, and in no case shall debentures be issued without the sanction of Special Resolution of the Association.


  1. The Association shall not be dissolved as long as seven (7) members vote for the continuation of the Association. Any motion for dissolution shall be subject to the same formalities as those applying for a motion of amendment or change of the By-laws.

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