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Calgary and District Target Shooters Association

Milo and Shepard Ranges                                                                                                        

CDTSA Membership

Individual Membership

This membership is available to PAL holders between the ages of 18 and 65.  Individual members may also add one or more Junior Memberships to their membership in order to bring their children to the range.

New member fees are $450 and $275 to renew annually.

Family Membership

Family memberships are available to eligible persons under the following conditions:

  • One person (an adult in possession of a PAL) will be designated as the "Main Member".
  • A base family membership includes the Main Member and an adult partner.
  • Children are added to a family membership as Junior Members at a rate of $40.00/child.
  • Additional family members will not be permitted to vote or hold office.
  • The Main Member must be present whenever other family members are visiting CDTSA range facilities.

New member fees are $575 and $415 to renew annually.

Senior Membership

An existing member may renew as a senior if they will be 65 or older in the year they are renewing for.  A senior member may add one or more Junior Members to their membership.

New member fees are $450 and $175 to renew annually.

Junior Membership

Junior memberships are available to children under the age of 18.  A Junior membership must be added to an Individual, Family, or Senior membership.

Junior memberships are $40 per year when added to another membership.

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