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Calgary and District Target Shooters Association

Milo and Shepard Ranges                                                                                                        


Milo Range Location and Access

The Milo range gate is located on Township Road 184, close to the intersection of Range Road 224.

Please note that Range Road 224 is NOT to be used to access the range.  Instead, please use Range Road 223 and travel west along Township Road 184.

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Milo Range Map

Note: CDTSA membership and range use is conditional upon acceptance and adherence to the following rules. Each member’s signature on their membership application/orientation acknowledgement form is considered a personal guarantee that these rules will be followed. Failure to observe these rules will result in ejection from the range and/or immediate cancellation of membership.

Milo Range General Safety Rules

  • Members must sign in with their membership number before using the range. Family and guest shooters’ safety and conduct are the direct responsibility of the full member.
  • Member ID card or guest pass must be displayed while shooting.
  • Persons present on the ranges or in common areas must wear eye and ear protection.
  • When shooting, minors, family members and guests must be under immediate supervision by a full member. The full member may not shoot or otherwise be absent from his/her direct supervisory duty when guests/minors/family members are shooting.
  • There is no restriction on age of minor shooters. However, the full member responsible for the minor must exercise diligence in ensuring the firearm to be used by the minor is of a type and calibre within the minor’s capabilities and physical limitations.
  • Range entrance gate is to be kept closed and locked at all times
  • The range may only be used between the hours of 9:00 am to 9:00 pm; or from 9:00 am to sunset, whichever occurs first. No exceptions.
  • Range safety flag use is mandatory. The green flag must be flown to indicate a ‘cold’ range, where persons may safely move down-range to post targets. No handling/loading/firing of firearms under green flag. The red flag must be flown to indicate a ‘hot’ range, after ensuring that there are no persons present forward of the firing line. Firearms may be handled, loaded and fired under a red flag.
  • When proceeding downrange on range 1 and 2, a green flag must be placed in the orange traffic cone, in the area immediately forward of the shooting benches and removed by the last returning person, before the range may again go ‘hot’.
  • Targets permitted for use are paper targets posted on the range backboards. Plastic or metal reactive targets are permitted on ranges 3 through 8, range 9, and 11 through 15, provided that they are anchored/mounted as close to the backstop as possible, and angled downward in such a way that all projectiles or shrapnel from said projectiles are directed into the ground. Items not originally intended for use as targets (i.e. household items, old electronics, etc.) Are not permitted.
  • No ‘binary’ or otherwise explosive targets, no tracer, no armour-piercing and no incendiary rounds are allowed at any time.
  • Presently, Milo ranges #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12, #13, #14, #15 and archery are open for use. 
  • Range #1 and #2 are approved for all restricted and non-restricted centerfire and rimfire handgun and rifle calibres up to, but not including, the .50BMG round. 
  • Ranges #3 through #8 and Ranges #11 through #15 are approved for use in calibres up to the .308Win group only. 
  • Prohibited firearms which fall in the approved calibre range, and are legally permitted for transport and use, are also permitted. 
  • Shotgun slugs may be fired at backstop posted targets on Ranges #1 through #8 and #11 through #15.  Shotguns may only be fired horizontally on these ranges (no aerial targets). 
  • Range #9 (plinking range) is for rimfire firearms only.
  • Range #10 is the shotgun range.  Rules are listed below.
  • All shooting positions (standing, sitting, kneeling, prone) may be used on ranges #1 thru #15. See individual range operating instructions for details.
  • Simultaneous firing is permitted on all open ranges, all ranges operate independently of each other. A ‘cease fire’ order on one range applies only to that range.
  • After a ‘cease fire’ order is made prior to hoisting the green flag in order to allow safe movement of persons down-range, all firearms must be unloaded, made safe and either racked/holstered/cased accordingly. Long arms must be placed in the provided racks unloaded with actions open, and where practical, with magazines removed. Handguns must be unloaded and holstered, or unloaded and cased, and where practical, with magazines removed. This condition must be maintained, with no handling of firearms, for the duration of the ‘green flag’ period. Only after the red flag is raised, may firearms be handled, loaded and fired.
  • Range #1 has shooting benches/positions identified for the 50-metre, 100-metre and 200-metre ranges. Range 2 has benches/positions identified for the 300, 400 and 500 metre ranges NO cross-firing is permitted. That is, a shooter at bench/position #3 may only fire at targets posted on the #3 backboard, and not at, for example, targets on the ‘#2’ or ‘#4’ backboards. Except during supervised matches, all shooting is to be conducted from the range #1 firing lines.
  • Ranges #3 through #8 have no benches or predetermined shooting positions. Firing line distance from the target backboard is at the shooters’ discretion, provided that all shooting is conducted from within containment of the side berms. Range 10, you must shoot from one of the 5 shotgun stands only.
  • Children and pets must be under direct adult control at all times while visiting the range. All persons must wear eye and ear protection while on range property. Pets are to be either caged or on-leash. Pet’s droppings must be cleaned up by their owner.
  • Some ranges may be closed to casual, drop-in shooting during scheduled match events. Please check the match events calendar on the club website to avoid disappointment.
  • Shooting under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating drugs is prohibited.
  • Safe muzzle direction and safe firearm control must be maintained at all times. Your muzzle must be pointed safely down-range when loading or firing. This means your muzzle must always be pointed at,  and never point above, the range backstops.
  • A cease-fire must be ordered whenever farm equipment/vehicles are visible on adjoining property, or whenever requested by the equipment operator.
  • Range cleanliness must be maintained. No glass containers on range property; pick up and dispose of all spent shell casings, remove and dispose of all used targets.
  • CDTSA members must comply with all current firearms laws and regulations regarding legal ammunition magazine capacity, authorized transport and authorized firearms, and all other firearms-related requirements under law.
  • Hang-fires/’duds’ (where a round fails to discharge when fired) must be kept pointed safely down-range for a period of 30 seconds before opening the gun’s breech and clearing the bad round. Bad rounds may be disposed of in the designated red receptacles on each range.
  • The archery range is open and located behind the sign-in shack. No firearms may be discharged on this range.
  • Do not use range road 224 to access or depart the range property under any circumstances.use range road 223 only.

Please report any infractions of these rules to the CDTSA executive by email.

Milo Range Specific & Steel Target Rules

Range 1 (50, 100 & 200m) 
No reactive targets are allowed on this range.  Paper targets on backboards only.
Range 2 (300, 400 & 500m) 
Only club installed steel targets are approved for use on this range. Any range approved rifle or pistol calibre using any bullet type may be used with the exception of no armour piercing ammunition.
Ranges 3 to 8 and 11 to 15 (Multi-use bays)
Reactive steel or plastic targets may only be used with the following firearms:
  • rimfire rifles and handguns in .22LR
  • centerfire handguns and pistol calibre carbines
  • shotguns using lead shot #7.5 or smaller
  • no centerfire rifle rounds may be used on steel targets

Range 9 (Rimfire/Plinking)
Reactive steel or plastic targets may only be used with the following firearms:
  • rimfire rifles and handguns in .22LR
All targets must be purpose built for use as a firearms target. This means the targets are made from suitable materials and the targets are angled forward and down and/or swing free in order to direct ricochets into the ground. Target stands/frames must be immobile.  No unattached, ‘rolling’ targets are permitted.
No garbage to be used as a target. Violators will lose their membership
The club executive will be the final arbiter on the suitability of any targets used at the Milo range.
Minimum distance from shooter to steel targets in 10m.
All pistol and rifle targets are to be placed within 1m of the base of a backstop or directly in front of the boards to prevent ground ricochets from leaving the bay. Shotgun targets can be placed anywhere within the bay; there is no maximum distance from the backstop.
The firing direction must be no more than 60 degrees off the centre line of the bay to prevent bullet splash towards the safe handling area.

Range 10 (Shotgun) 

This range is for informal shotgun trap shooting using aerial clay bird targets only. No skeet or sporting clays-type shooting allowed. No firearms other than shotguns may be used on this range.
  1. Clay birds may be thrown using shooter-provided, ground-mounted mechanical launchers only; no hand throwers allowed.
  2. All shooting is to be done from one of the five shotgun stalls only. Do not move the stalls from their original position. No exceptions.
  3. Target launchers may be placed to either side of any shooting stall, but not forward of the front edge of the shooting stall.
  4. Cease fire whenever persons or vehicles are present at the range 2 500-metre backstop berm.
  5. Only shot sizes between 7 ½ and 9 are permitted. Larger shot sizes and slugs are not allowed.
  6. Pick up all spent hulls and other garbage before leaving this range.
  7. All CDTSA range rules as posted in the sign-in shack apply to the use of this rage and all other ranges at this facility.
Report any misuse of this range immediately to club executive via email

Please Click & Download for reference - Milo General and Range Safety Rules.pdf

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