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Calgary and District Target Shooters Association

Milo and Shepard Ranges                                                                                                        


Guest Pass Regulations

  1. A single member may purchase a maximum of 10 guest passes per year.
  2. Guest passes are not transferable to other members.  The member to whom the passes were issued MUST be present when the guest pass is used.
  3. Each member must sign in and deposit one (1) fully completed guest pass in the designated box in the club house for every guest entering the facilities.  One guest pass is required for each day the guest is at the range.
  4. The guest must have the small stub portion of the guest pass visible at all times while on the range.  Safety pins are available to pin passes to the guest's clothing.
  5. Non-member minors are permitted to shoot at the range with a valid guest pass.  The member assumes full responsibility for the minor's actions.
  6. Only one (1) guest may shoot at a time while under the immediate and direct control of the member.  The member and guest(s) may only occupy one bench.
  7. Club members may not shoot while supervising a guest, unless otherwise permitted by the range master or event director.
  8. The member must have their membership card readily visible at all times.
  9. Compliance of all range rules is the full responsibility of the club member.  Violation of any range rule by a guest will result in the immediate suspension of all privileges and reinstatement will be at the sole discretion of the executive.
  10. In the case of non-members wishing to attend advertised, invitational (sanctioned) matches, the club will provide guest passes to non-members.
  11. All guest passes expire on December 31st.

Purchasing Guest Passes

Members may purchase packages of 5 or 10 guest passes from the online store.  Log in to the club website to access the store.

Proline Shooters gun shop does not carry CDTSA guest passes.

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